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Global warming climate change protest dead trees cooling towers ice tree bud
coal-burning super stack Shippingsport Pennsylvania arbor day foundation wind turbine hydro electricity dam
fungus tree automobile exhaust gas crisis wind turbines
solar panels drilling for oil and gas smoke coal mining
hydrogen fuel birds and wind turbine mountain top removal Browse collection
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oil and gas company workers coal tipple drilling for gas and oil newspaper clippings oil well
sugar maple clumping coal burning electric power plant acid fog researcher research forest
farmer chainsaw sugar maples oil well road Allegheny National Forest mother nature's fuel gas pump fossil shale
no fracking protest fracking water truck residual waste cowboy oil protest firewood
mulroney reagan reagan mulroney canada acid rain protest andre belisle protest
ice storm 1998 Quebec transmission towers ice storm cars 1998 Quebec ice storm 1998 Quebec wires flood 1998 ice storm Quebec
weather monitor weather monitor wind turbine protest wind turbine blade
Montreal bicycle winter Bicycle silhouette bicycle shadow Trail bicycle
acid rain statue solar panel installation solar panel snow oil refinery
oil refinery global warming protest climate change antique oil gusher old oil rig
Cooling towers at Shippingsport, Pennsylvania on the Ohio River Industrial emissions Coal barge in Pittsburgh Traffic jam headlights Toronto
Ice storm 1998 power outage Flooded road and canoe Tar sands Alberta oil Wind turbines near house New York State
Frack water pipeline Pennsylvania Coal mining West Virginia Hydro electricity Sherbrooke, Quebec 19th century furnace
Flood hydro truck canoe 1998 ice storm Quebec Industry Ohio River Oil guage automobile Icicle ice storm 1998 Quebec
ice storm tree fall Quebec Helicopter electric transmission tower birds on electric power line Dead spruce Vermont
Horse power Vermont Acid rain killing maples Quebec Maple syrup Reid Farm Quebec Maple syrup horses Vermont
Ice storm worker Montreal icy Chrysler 1998 ice storm German books on forest dieback Geothermal energy Rotorua, New Zealand
Michael Perley acid rain Ottawa Cooling towers Canada flag acid rain forest dieback Wind turbine construction New York State

Photography by Phil Norton